• Natasha Vaswani


As mentioned in the previous blog, I have created a dance therapy called E-Motion to validate and release all the emotions from within through holistic dance movements. You might be wondering how exactly does dance affect our mental state and emotions as well as the body. So today I will explain how powerful dance is in bringing our emotions to the surface and accepting them. And in the following blog, I will cover up an in-depth analysis of how our bodies retain our energies/vibrations and which emotion affects which organ of our bodies.

We all know that there are unlimited forms of dance and the moment one begins to delve into any form, he/she automatically makes it a daily or weekly habit. The reason behind this is that dance makes us express ourselves without allowing anyone to judge us; hence it is literally letting yourself free from all your problems and responsibilities

Dance elevates our vibrations as we humans operate through our thought patterns and vibrational flows. If you are in a high vibrational flow, you automatically feel happy and content with life as well as you create positive thoughts that boost your energy further. It is like having an adrenaline rush penetrating through your mind and body that satisfies you.

As an emotional and wellness therapist, I understand that positive thoughts along with positive vibrations create positive outcomes. You can see various examples around you of successful people who are physically very active to remain in that constant flow of joy while productively working towards their goals. Also as you learn to disconnect from all the issues troubling you while you dance, with time you develop an inner awareness that is also referred to as intuition. Intuition is a gift given to us so that we can follow our gut and detect when there is some danger in the coming future as well as it helps us to connect with our Higher Self.

Ecstatic dance is when you allow the rhythm to take over you and go into a beautiful and peaceful trance. In this state of mind, you are consciously aware of your surroundings and you tap into your subconscious mind. Through dance we get to pay attention to our bodies which automatically boosts our confidence level as it helps us to focus on the core of our being rather than on physical ailments. What happens is that negative thoughts and low vibrations block the energy from naturally flowing into the meridians of our bodies which is why chakra cleansing and healing is done. So when we dance we elevate our vibrations and create positive thoughts that unblock our chakras and help us to enjoy our lives to the fullest.

Lastly, dance is an excellent therapy to deal with stress and anxiety because it reduces stress and increases happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. And as we all know, dancing increases our heart rate and blood flow throughout the body and brain. These were some of the basic points to consider when it comes to connecting our emotions and dance. You can tune in to your emotions further by joining my online E-Motion classes just once a week! All you have to do is register yourself by clicking on Virtual E-Motion Dance Class. Here you can be your true self as you unfold all that's holding you back and learn to express your emotions in high vibration frequencies.

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