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by Reshma Lakhani

The Harmonious Symphony of our Three Brains:

Your Head, Your Heart and Your Gut

Your three brains, your triad of intelligence.

The key to optimum decision-making.

The powerhouse of inner wisdom.

The voice of the spiritual body.

When in perfect harmony, you will sense the unity of these three minds, creating an orchestra like no other. You will feel aligned, balanced and live life from a state of inner peace. Life will flow melodiously, it will be easy and effortless to make choices and you will trust your intuition every time to guide you, in every aspect of your life.

The head brain is just part of the beautiful puzzle of our soul, it doesn’t hold all the authority. The head gives you the ability to identify patterns and make sense of the world, it allows for consciousness and awareness. The heart brain is what triumphs all, sending as many messages to the brain as it receives, creating the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The heart sends signals to the brain that are not only understood, but obeyed. And the gut brain, the gut does not only exist to digest our food, the gut plays a much more powerful role, it is the key influencer of our mindset, emotions and mood! Think about it, when our digestion is optimum, we feel energetic, joyful and vibrant. On the other hand, when we experience chronic digestive issues, we feel heavy, anxious, depressed and sad. Our digestion is really a reflection of how we swallow, chew, break down, process, absorb, and release ideas and emotions.

The intricate network of neurons, hormones, pulse waves and neurotransmitters, that relay between our three brains, are what allow our heart and gut to communicate fluidly with our head. This interwoven triple intelligence system is what actually governs our overall feelings, behaviours and perception of the world we live in.

The Head Brain: our cognitive brain, the unconscious mind directing 90% of behaviours. It is your source of logic, reason, answers, knowledge, self-talk, imagery and intellect. “I observe the world”.

The Heart Brain: our emotional brain, 70-80% of nerve relays go up, not down, meaning once your heart centre is activated, your heart has more influence over your rational mind. It is your source of emotions, memories, visions, dreams and values. “I feel the world”.

The Gut Brain: the instinctive brain, 90% of the body’s serotonin which influences our mood, is produced in the gut! It is your source of instinct, nervous responses, past experiences, “gut feeling”or inner knowing and action. “I trust the world”.

Our body is a beautiful complex creation, each part existing to teach us distinct qualities of our being, so that we may honour each of them separately and learn to unite them into one, into wholeness and completeness. In order to create this eternal symphony between the head, the heart and the gut, we must learn to observe, feel and trust the world openly, and value each and every perspective that is given to us. No brain is right or wrong, for they each play a role in the puzzle of life to give you all the possible insights, helping you make choices that are best for YOU.

Inner conflict between the mind and body is what causes misalignment and confusion regarding the directions we should choose and the decisions we should make. When there is a disconnection between our three brains, the voices of all three brains are drowned, competing for one another. The heart whispers one thing, the head screams another and the gut sends warning signals when something does or doesn’t feel right. Which one should you trust?

You are lost in the chaos between all three brains. This internal war is what causes you to feel uncertain, disorientated and in a futile state. That place called “limbo”, the in-between, where the pendulum swings from one direction to another. This is the mayhem between the body and mind. Without taking the time to hear the voice of each brain individually and openly receive the insights each one has to offer, without judgement, we cannot not escape that place called limbo. However, when all three brains are activated simultaneously, the entire nervous system becomes balanced. With a calmer mind, an awakened body, you will have access to all three sources of intelligence, heightening your intuition, firing up your creativity and sending you waves of happiness. Learning to listen to all three forms of the soul takes patience and practise. Tuning into the heart’s loving vibrations through mindfulness practises, hearing the body’s natural instinctive cues through evaluating past “gut feeling” experiences, and turning down the volume of the mind by practising body scanning meditations, bringing your attention into a very present state, are some ways you can begin to the receive the wisdom you need from your three brains.

May you find your path to eternal inner harmony.

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you will never have to hear it scream”

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