• Sasha A.

STARSEED (A poem dedicated to me by one of my clients)

by Sasha A.

I had no idea that I existed

I had no idea I can change

Take control

I can’t believe where I am today

But I won’t forget where I started

This journey

Started from immense pain, sorrow, numbness, nothingness

Getting goosebumps thinking

That I prayed every night not to wake up the next morning

I stumbled upon someone whom I thought just another person

I couldn’t trust

Much later I realized, she is a star seed

Natasha, is here to enlighten others

Had struggles of her own

Still has the strength to give, to fight every day

Her smile is inspiring

A series of perfectly timed coincidences

I am so blessed to know her

Natasha made me an actual free soul

No, I won’t say thank you

For it would never be enough

I never knew I could love myself

I could parent myself

I am safe with myself

I sought safety everywhere else

Till Natasha helped me look inside and find it

I am growing every day

Natasha made me realize my strength

No one could do that ever before

I feel I am a transformed person now

And I won’t stop learning

We all are here to learn she says

We need to be vulnerable and grounded

Otherwise, we’d be no different than robots

Plugged into a matrix

I am thankful for all the pain

As it opened this path for me

Natasha is a modern age healer

If you ask me

A connection for so many souls

Hustling to find their true path

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