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As promised to you, I will speak my heart out in this blog regarding my journey post the laparoscopic surgery I underwent in January 2020. You might recall from my previous blog, me mentioning what an eye-opener this surgery has resulted to be for me. However, I didn't want to throw in a bunch of information in just one blog and believed it to be better and more effective having two. So this is how it goes...

As a life and emotional coach and counselor, I delve into my clients' emotions while helping them to accept them and use these same emotions for their personal growth in life, and I always see magnificent results. Nonetheless, I am as human as everyone else and even though I have used the same techniques I teach to my clients, I was unable to figure out why I kept on getting uterine fibroids. I had many questions that needed to be answered so I took this opportunity post my surgery as I was suggested complete rest for 3 months, to discover some hidden secrets that I had buried deep within my subconscious mind and emotional body.

Have you ever realized that when you get something easy in life you tend to value it much less than when you have to work hard towards it? Let me tell you my friend that you are not the only one, as we humans are mentally programmed to be like that. Throughout my life I questioned my existence as a woman, rejected my sensuality, kept myself less attractive so that I wouldn't have to face what I was running away from...abusive relationships with men. Being inappropriately touched by a man began when I was 4-5 years old, this materialized as self-sabotage on a mental, physical ad emotional level. I have kept this secret until now as I believe that my power and authority as a woman is in my hands and without my permission no man can touch me. It may sound a bit harsh, but our fears take over our being to that extent that we become different people. For this reason I had stopped wearing dresses or skirts as I used to feel vulnerable to men who would like to only get physical with me.

Post surgery I have learnt so many things about myself such as that my safety is in my hands as I need to feel safe in my very own skin and live with positive thoughts and high-vibrational flows. Accepting the woman in me was not easy but that is where I got to discover my true self. As we resist any change in life, it is a good idea to question ourselves why we are fearing that change. Once we accept this emotion we even accept ourselves with these fears and then are willing to be more open to such positive changes. I began using my mental power to heal my body right before my surgery and I continue to do it daily. One doesn't need to sit for hours meditating to connect with their essence as it is as easy as closing your eyes and focusing on your body and your mind. Gently observing all that they are trying to tell you for your well-being and using certain tools and techniques to create this shift from within.

I have learnt to stop body-shamming myself as I look beautiful in any size and it doesn't depend on the stereotypes created by the world. I have also learnt to take authority of my life by overcoming the "victim stage" and being the creator of my life. As a dance therapist I connect with my body and release pent-up pain stored in the memory of my cells through my guided meditations, chakra healing techniques, holistic dance movements for grounding my self while expanding my wings to grab opportunities, among other techniques . All of us have masculine and feminine energies irrelevant of our gender; our masculine side is the right brain that helps us to be assertive and create action while the feminine or left brain guides us to pursue our creativity and intuition. You can know more about the masculine and feminine energies here

Most of us have an imbalance between these two opposites of a spectrum, yet important for all, and this imbalance is conditioned by limiting beliefs of ourselves and low vibrations which are executed in various ways externally. In my case, I had been focusing on the wounded feminine side that resulted in personal and professional limitations in my life. Now I never get tired of loving and caressing myself as I validate my thoughts, emotions and body.

So, leading a very healthy and active lifestyle while having my estrogen level in balance, I yet failed to understand why I keep on getting fibroids until I finally recognized what my body has been trying to tell me since so many years. We are all very blessed to have medical science heal our bodies but as a counselor and therapist, I needed to observe what message my body was trying to tell me. This was only possible if I removed my emotion of pain and analyzed each element from a third person's perspective. This journey has taught me to do so, beyond all those nights of wetting my pillow with my tears and resisting my true self worth.

Yes it hasn't been easy but as mentioned before, we humans tend to value easy things much less in life. I now realize that by taking my power away and giving it to others I was limiting my personal and financial growth as I used to keep away from meeting or doing much business with men. Today I am a confident, powerful and radiant woman who allows her inner and outer beauty to flow naturally without being worried of what others may think or feel. As I am connected to my inner self, I automatically think and feel abundance in every area of my life. So I truly do not regret undergoing all this pain as there is always some light at the end of a dark tunnel. All we have to do is have patience, the willingness to learn and unlimited determination that we will excel in whatever we put our minds and hearts to.

I thank you, my lovely readers for reading this blog and I wish you a wonderful journey in the midst of your pain, blessing you with abundant love and light. Just remember one thing...to NEVER give up!

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