• Reshma Lakhani


By Reshma Lakhani

The skin I live in.

La piel que habito.

La peau dans laquelle je vis.

The membrane that houses my temple, the veil that separates my inner and outer world,

the mask of my human body.

The skin is the most sensitive organ in the body.

The only organ that can physically “feel” and “be felt”.

It is the gateway of physical human contact and conduit to be able to express love and affection towards other souls.

The skin visible to the self and others, and touchable by the self and others.

Through this incredible 5th sense, the power of touch, we can experience all the phenomena of the 3D world around us.

The modern world has conditioned us to focus on external beauty and skincare, that we have overlooked, that deep soul beauty is skin deep.

If we dare to look beyond our pores, underneath the surface, we can begin to understand our skin on a much deeper level, beyond the physical and into the realm of the spiritual.

The appearance of our skin on the outside is just a pure reflection of our inner emotional world.

If mind affects matter, then our thoughts play a key role in the vitality of our skin.

The skin is the physical embodiment of our innate self-worth. Nourishing your skin goes far beyond the food you put in your mouth.

How you feed your mind, through positive or negative thoughts, feeds your skin.

This realization has led me to create sacred practice to connect with my skin on spiritual level, to really and truly understand the root cause of my skin problems for the past 20 years.

And although the severity of my skin now is much better now, I am on a path to understand why I still have hyperpigmentation and scars, as an unpleasant reminder of the trauma I suffered in the past.

Treating the “surface” of the problem through medication and a dairy-free diet, never cured my skin permanently. No matter what the dermatologist prescribed, antibiotics, the pill & toxic medications like Ro-Accutane, destroying my stomach along the way, the acne just kept coming back.

I have now finally set a skin-tension, to dive deeper into my skin trauma, kiss my scars at a soul level and understand the truth behind what my body has been trying to tell me once and for all.

Prior to my awakening, I was in denial that my emotions were directly correlated to the wellbeing of my physical body.

I refused to believe that my skin was reflecting back to me the conflict that had been going on internally, which I had not resolved for years, and like karma repeats itself, until you heal those wounds, it’s a never ending story.

Eventually, when I studied Ayurveda, the science of life, I was open to a new world of wisdom not only to heal my skin, but my entire being.

My pursuit to bring inner harmony to my mind, body and consciousness according to my personal constitution, Pitta Dosha, gave me the knowledge to make changes to my daily life.

My hot fiery passionate nature of my Pitta Dosha, which I thought served me well in the place of ambition and career, was overactive and out of balance.

This over-exertion of fire and water stressed out my body, and the excess heat was leaving my body as toxins through the skin.

But the true question is where did all this excess fire come from in the first place?

Plenty of people in the world have the same energy as me, but do not experience skin problems. There was more to the story that meets the eye…

And deep down the rabbit hole I go, into the world of the unseen, the unconscious mind, step into my pain, heal my shadow and make peace with my skin once and for all.

And through my dedication to find the answers I was deeply seeking; my true journey of meditation began…


These are the thoughts and feelings that repeatedly kept reoccurring.

Often, I would go into mediation, and imagine myself as a perfect red rose with thorns around me, or have visions of red roses and thorns, like the redness them stems from acne.

And no surprise roses are flowers that have deep roots. It did not make any sense at the time.

Then I finally understood, the acne and acne scars were a way for me to be “unseen”, to hide from the world, to protect myself. Like thorns and prickles on a rose bush, keeping away predators.

"Every rose has its thorn." – English proverb

Even the rose, as beautiful as it may be, has certain flaws but that does not take away its beauty. The prickly thorns of the rose can poke and pierce the flesh.

The idea of imperfection was born.

If you have ever observed a rose carefully, the thorns reside in the base of the flower, on standby mode acting as a protective mechanism for the rose, not actually harming the flower.

Although, when the rose is positioned in between two thorns, the rose remains imprisoned and constricted to a level of self - suffering from the thorns themselves.

I was that rose.

My desire for extreme perfection was causing excess fire and for my skin to flare up, like burning flames.

My body is supposed to be my safe sacred home, where I feel the most at easy, but I was literally burning and itching in my own skin. I could not be myself.

This was a metaphor for my life. I could not express my true myself to the world around me, of fear of judgement and criticism.

These visions were the catalyst I needed to make me realize that I was a victim of my own self inflicted circumstance. I needed to change my Skin Mindset, purify my thoughts with love and liberate myself from the Roses and Thorns story.

I made a commitment to cultivate my own beauty, claim my spiritual identity and express my soul with authenticity.

Skin Mindset & Spiritual healing practice:

Day by day, I make a conscious effort touch my face with my fingertips, sending gratitude towards my skin for doing so much for me, for protecting my organs, for releasing toxins, for keeping me alive.

Although this is a tender ritual, I am starting to see far beyond my physical and connect on a deeper level with my soul, to a place of pure appreciation for my being and existence in my human body.

I have noticed that creating this sacred time for a spiritual skincare practice is not only calming my skin, but is reframing and reprogramming my subconscious of how I view myself in the mirror.

I also mentally recite a mantra, to weaken limiting beliefs and negative energy which instill fear and insecurity in my self-worth.

My skin mantra: My wounds are healing at a deep cellular level & I am free to express my true self.

The practice of physical touch, of holding my hands on my cheeks for a few minutes, with deep self awareness, has been life-changing for me and slowly, my world is starting to shift.

These positive thoughts are leading to positive manifestations, and thus allowing my body to function as its highest level.