• Natasha Vaswani


E-Motion is exactly as it sounds, working around our emotions. I conceptualized this #dance therapy after doing a lot of research and training in various dance forms. World-known performance coach, Tony Robbins always states that emotions are created by motion; hence E-Motion Dance Therapy creates emotional shifts and validates them through #holistic yet fun body #movements. Each body movement has been created keeping in mind mental, physical and emotional #health.

Firstly, mental health is a very important factor that many of us prefer ignoring nowadays which is why there are so many cases of depression, anxiety and even suicide. All of us continually think and cannot control our thought patterns but we can learn to deal with them and substitute them with more goal-oriented ones. Also, E-Motion has been designed considering how our emotions affect our health. For instance, pent up anger or fear results in kidney failure or kidney stones as each cell of our bodies have also got memory of every experience and the pain attached to it. If you want a complete list of which emotion is connected to which ailment, you can email me at unfilteringyouremotions@gmail.com and I will send it to you right away!

When it comes to our emotional well-being, there are many ways of maintaining a balance such as yoga, meditation, and self-help forums among other holistic approaches. E-Motion comes into the picture as I guide my students to go #deep within and connect with their true self or higher self. As they consciously do it, many other emotions and thoughts engraved in the subconscious mind come to the surface which are then treated with this dance therapy. This includes childhood #traumas, beliefs engraved deep within set by our families and friends, and feelings of lack of self-worth or self-hatred.

You might wonder which therapies I use within E-Motion so let me throw some light on some of them: first of all, chakra #cleansing to remove all the stagnant energy blocking our chakras and meridians in our bodies; also creating scenarios with cognitive therapies to relive a past traumatic experience and heal the emotions stuck in it by diagnosing the event from a 3rd person’s perspective; including I teach holistic movements to #release anger and frustration so that the energy can be focused more towards your goals, etc. As E-Motion dance therapy is not categorized to a niche group but to all, I have created groups so that each person is given unlimited attention and care during each class.

Therefore, I have created Survival Of The Fittest, which is E-Motion specialized for cancer survivors and these classes are conducted every Tuesday from 6-7 pm at Zenergy All Way Fitness Studio in Mumbai.

Also, Danza Shimmy that is a blend of #belly dance movements that help us connect to our #gut and work with it so that we can follow our instincts with greater ease. There are many health benefits also included in this dance therapy, some of which are:

o Improvement in digestion

o Constant menstrual cycles and reduction of POC and fibroids as well as less menstrual cramps and mood swings

o Delay in menopause and rheumatoid arthritis

o Weight loss if practiced regularly

Danza Shimmy classes are held every Wednesday and Saturday from 6-7 pm at Zenergy All Fitness Studio

Lastly, Fridays are dedicated to anyone and everyone who wants to invest in himself/herself through E-Motion. I have students ranging from 18 to 60 years old who come looking for a quick and easy solution to their mental and physical ailments, and once they start practicing E-Motion they feel revived as they begin to listen to all that emotional drama within and sober it down through all the dance therapy they learn during the classes. E-Motion classes for all are held on Fridays from 6-7 pm again at the same studio.

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